Ride Cool & Clean

Break through tech that flows cool, dust-free air into your helmet. Keep a cool head in traffic.


Snap ON, Snap OFF

Snaps on to your helmet in under 10 sec. Action Cam compatible chin mount with high speed stability.


Arrive fresh

Say goodbye to tiredness and fatigue, and arrive to work fighting fresh


A Closer Look at BluSnap2

Watch our introduction video to learn more a about BluSnap2

Will BluSnap2 Fit My Helmet?

BluSnap2 comes with an extension piece which allows it to be able to fit any type of full faced helmet. See our Installation animation for more about BluSnap2 

Fresh Cool Air In

Commuting to work on a two-wheeler today means heat, dust, sweat & fatigue. Snap On & take your fresh air with you. BluSnap2 will lower the temperature inside your helmet by upto 15 degrees this summer. 

Learn how to use BluSnap2 from our User Guide in both Thai and Enlgish


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BluSnap2 Key Features

Benefits when riding with BluSnap

  • Dust Free Ride

    Integrated filter blocks remove dust particles.

  • Defog

    Keep your vision & glasses fog free in hot and humid weather.

  • Long Battery Life

    10 hours of cooling on a full charge allows you to ride long distances with just one charge.

  • Personalized Cooling

    Creates  a microclimate around you that is 6-15 degrees lower than the ambient temperature. 

BluSnap Testimonials

Hear from our customers how BluSnap is changing the way they ride.

Everyone is buying face masks to protect the dust. However as a biker I need a dust filter for my helmet. At First I was going to order from overseas, but the price and the shipping cost is very expensive and a long wait. Fortunately I found BluSnapThai. Then we talked and i went to pick up the product in the afternoon.. so quick!

ถูกใจมากครับ ตรงตามที่โฆษณาไว่

It's Super Cool